Hello friend

Warmly welcome

My passion is to inspire, guide and support you in

living as the pure spark of light and nature that

you are!


I have been working as a therapist, coach and

mindfulness teacher for almost 20 years. I offer

private sessions and workshops in groups, IRL and

on zoom. My favorite influencers are the sun,

the moon, the stars, the ocean and the deep forests here in Sweden.

Current offers to friends outside Sweden

-Be YOU and shine!

Your SOLAR energy represents your essence, aura, radiance, your gifts and your force field. We can also call it the story of you - from a symbolic and astrophilosophical perspective. For more than 20 years I have dived deep, explored, researched and passionately wanted to connect symbols, constellations, psychological archetypes and science of the quantum field. From this, and through a drive to innovate, SUN STRONG was born. A unique combo of more than five different symbolic systems: all with a focus on the SUN in your sky. Do you feel that your time is now, that you have a longing to shine as who you really are? Then I think you should book SUN STRONG! I can promise that you will get inspiration, confirmation, insight and hopefully feel that glow that is YOU.

PRICE: SEK 1550. Includes session + analysis prepared before hand + recording of reading. Payment through Paypal. 

Session via zoom: 60 min. 


-Planets, Symbols, Quantum fields


Is there a blueprint for a human being and the journey on Earth? Perhaps. I think so. My knowledge of 20 years and deep diving in many astrological systems will in this session "Starry Sky" create a narrative about you and your path. Your basic energies, foundations, gifts, challenges and maybe even your deeper purpose.

We meet on zoom for 60 minutes after I have prepared an analysis for you. I record the session and send it to you afterwards. 

PRICE: SEK 1400. Includes meeting + analysis prepared+recording of reading. Payment via Paypal. 


-Float, flow, live free and true.

This session is a craniosacral distance therapy from a biodynamic perspective. Here I work with balancing the nervous system via the sacrum, the vertebrae and the subtle movements of the cranial bones. A biodynamic perspective means to work with your energy in a multidimenshional "holding".  At the same time, I guide you in meditation and perspective on your life. We meet on zoom for 60 minutes.  After a short introduction you rest comfortably, lying down under a warm cover. We stay together on zoom during the whole session and guidance. 

SEK 850. 
Payment via Paypal.  

Photo: @miedahlmann, Hörte River, 

in Telemark, Norway.


-Supportive conversations and guidance

I work with a combination of psychosynthesis, guided meditation and heartfulness (the RAIN method). If you wish, we also bring the wisdom from the stardust into the session. (N.B. to include the stardust into "Flow Talk", you need to have met me before, in "Starry Sky" or "Sun Strong").


-45 minutes: SEK 750 

-60 minutes: SEK 850 
Payment via Paypal.